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Encino Water Damage And Fire Damage Restoration

If your property suffers fire damage or water damage, Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts is the company you need to call. Once you do our licensed, bonded and insured Encino water damage restoration crew swing into action. We respond quickly and professionally to your call for help. The day, and the time of day do not matter, in fact we ask that you call us the moment you are aware of the water or fire disaster. We encourage our clients to first see to their own safety and that of their loved ones and pets. Secondly, give Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts a call and let us know your location and the nature of the disaster. Our in-house team of restoration experts will respond quickly and be on their way to your site.

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Q: Why is a fast response so important?

A: Water and moisture break down material rapidly and the longer your building and its contents are exposed to wetness, the more material damage you will have. Soot and smoke do their fair share of damage, too. Contact with these will produce staining and erosion that worsens the longer you wait. For best results, keep our Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts telephone number logged in your mobile device and call our restoration team immediately after securing your loved ones.

Q: What exactly are fire restoration and water restoration services?

A: In a nutshell, our Encino water damage and fire damage crew are trained and experienced in restoring your building and its contents to pre-disaster condition. This can include your home, your business, art, furniture, documents, equipment and other items of value.

Call Now: (818) 921-4532

Q: It sounds like a complicated process. What’s involved in restoring my damaged property?

A: Here at Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts, we perform detailed oriented and meticulous restoration work that includes:

  • Fast, 24-hour emergency response to your call for help
  • Expert assessment of the damaged location and its contents
  • Immediate and complete safeguarding of your property
  • Mold and mildew inspection and growth inspection
  • Standing water removal and moisture extraction
  • Complete documentation of the entire restoration process for the client as well as for the insurance company
  • Rapid drying using high powered fans
  • Removal of smoke residue and soot to prevent staining and further erosion
  • Odor removal that removes the lingering smell of fire and smoke
  • Full reconstruction and complete restoration services

Call Now: (818) 921-4532

Here in California, you might think that forest fires and ocean flooding are to blame for most damage but in reality, water and fire damage to property is usually caused by discarded cigarettes, water heater explosions, homeless people, unwatched stoves, dishwasher accidents, bathtub overflows, excess rainfall, unattended candles, space heaters and many other localized incidents. No matter what causes your disaster, get the most comprehensive water damage and fire damage restoration in town by calling Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts at the number below.

Call Now: (818) 921-4532