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Encino Upholstery Cleaning Experts

Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts offers our clients the very finest in furniture upholstery cleaning. This valuable service is good for all furniture that has fabric or cushions. This includes both residential and commercial furniture from fine antiques to futon mattresses and everything in between. We offer safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions and state of the art cleaning methods that get your furniture upholstery its cleanest since new. Our service is both affordable and very convenient as we offer flexible appointment times and great pricing. Enjoy the visual and health benefits of beautiful looking, clean smelling furniture fabric that will be a pleasure to relax, play and work on. Call Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts for a free estimate or to schedule a cleaning.

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Q: Why is it so important to have my upholstered furniture professionally cleaned?

A: No matter what kind of furniture you own, you made a sizeable investment in its purchase. Other than basic wear and tear, the main enemy of furniture fabric and cushions are grime, dirt and contaminants that can eat away at the woven fibers of your furniture upholstery. Periodic cleanings from Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts can greatly reduce this destruction as well as give you the added bonus of enjoying fresh, beautiful looking and smelling furniture.

Q: You mean that not just my couch cushions and loveseat can be cleaned by your company?

A: Exactly! For comprehensive upholstery cleaning Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts is your best choice. We can clean throw pillows, footstools, patio furniture, home theater seats, car interiors, pet bedding, mattresses, chaise lounges, dining room chairs, office furniture, restaurant seating, futon mattresses and much more!

Call Now: (818) 921-4532

Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts can do more than just surface clean your furniture upholstery. We also remove unsightly stains, odor, and if your furniture is heavily used, we can treat it with solutions that help repel spills and dirt on contact. Our professional cleanings also work to rid your furniture of allergens, pollen, and a host of other contaminants like bacteria, pet dander, insects, blood, urine, coffee, food spills, juice, ink, lipstick, drywall dust, dead human skin, motor oils, cooking grease, dust mites, and even mold spores.

Q: I had no idea all those dirty items could be trapped in my furniture fabric and cushions! Are there any side effects besides bad odor?

A: Yes! Many people who suffer from allergies or asthma can have their symptoms worsened. Children, elderly and pets are also susceptible to harmful substances that can sicken them. Many people report watery eyes, itchy skin, rashes, insomnia and headaches so it’s best to not take chances.

It just makes sense! Enjoy better health, make your furniture last longer, experience clean and odor free surroundings and save money, too! Just call Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts and we’ll show you how!

Call Now: (818) 921-4532