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Encino Tile And Grout Cleaning Experts

Do you have frustrating tile and grout at your home or business that just won’t come clean? Or, are you tired of the endless scrubbing and maintenance that tile floors and surfaces seem to require just to look good? For cost effective and expertly done grout and tile cleaning, Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts should be called. Our in-house team of tile specialists can affordably and expertly breathe new life into your tiled surfaces, making them clean and bright as they were when first installed. Before we leave our Encino tile cleaning experts can even show you easy ways to maintain your tile’s newly clean status so that you spend less money on professional cleanings!

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Q: Why is tile and grout cleaning such a nightmare? What am I doing wrong?

A: It’s not you. This just means that your tile glazing or grout sealant has worn off and since grout is very porous, it is now soaking up dirt, grime, urine, food particles, detergent, coffee and soap scum like a sponge! This is why the harder you scrub and the more soap you use; your grout still looks black, and grimy. Basically anything that comes into contact with your unsealed grout gets absorbed by it making your tile counters, floors and other surfaces a haven of germs and bacteria.

Q: How do your Encino tile cleaning pros get my tile and grout clean once again?

A: Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts uses state of the art cleaning equipment, specialized methods and gentle but powerful cleansers to get your tile and grout clean and germ free once more. We then seal your grout all over again for a lasting and easily maintained finish that will make you glad that you called us.

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Q: I am missing small pieces of grout in my bathroom. How can you clean it in this condition?

A: Our Encino tile cleaning experts can easily deal with this. We’ll probably just clean out the old, damaged grout and re-grout your bathroom tiles. Starting from scratch like this will result in a cleaner, better looking tiled area for you. Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts can match the color of your new grout to your original one so that the finished product looks better than ever.

If your business or home has stone flooring, walls, counter tops, entry foyer medallions or tables made of natural or man-made stone; our Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts staff can clean and service these surfaces too. We offer professional care for marble, onyx, limestone, travertine, slate, jasper and even cast stone surfaces and tiles. Be sure to call us for free estimates and more information. Altogether your tile, grout and stone surfaces will look, feel and smell showroom fresh and bright with professional care from the experts here at Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts!

Call Now: (818) 921-4532