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Were you aware that the indoor air you breathe at home or at your business can be quite dirty? It’s a fact. The E.P.A. estimates that our indoor California air is up to 70% dirtier than the air outside. How can this be when we have ocean breezes, morning fog and fresh mountain air right in our neighborhoods? The answer will surprise you! Modern indoor air pollution is caused by a combination of having tightly shut doors and windows, and constantly re-circulating air passing through your heating and cooling system. Particles from insulation, drywall, carpet fibers, pet dander, cooking vapors, motor oils, dust mites, allergens, pollen, bacteria and house hold chemicals begin to collect in the HVAC system and start to line the walls and flooring of your ductwork. Other particles are sent back into the indoor air where we breathe them or where they collect on furniture.

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Over time, your HVAC system can burn out or at least work harder to operate due to the clogging of your air ducts from the build-up of these harmful substances. For superior quality air duct cleaning, Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts is your smartest choice. We offer comprehensive and very affordable air duct inspections and cleanings that can effectively remove the contaminants in your air ducts and ensure that the air you breathe indoors is clean while your HVAC system is running safely and as it should.

Q: Is it true that these dirty air particles can make you sick?

A: Yes! Symptoms can include runny nose, watery eyes, itchy skin, coughing, sneezing and headaches. Those suffering from allergies or asthma can have their symptoms increase. Less obvious signs include feeling tired, worn down and sometimes insomnia.

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Q: What if I live in a new house? Should I still have Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts clean my air ducts?

A: Both new and older homes are susceptible to dirty air ducts. In older homes the HVAC system can be clogged with indoor air pollution but even new home attics and crawl spaces can have dead birds, left over paint cans, insulation, drywall sections, fiberglass and other hazardous material left there by the construction crew. Particles from these substances can find their way into your air ducts and from there, into your home and indoor air

Encino Carpet Cleaning Experts offers comprehensive, affordably priced air duct inspections and cleanings for residential and commercial use. Our air duct professionals can quickly determine the quality of your HVAC system air duct flow and advise you from there. Our air duct cleaning system works and works well. We use powerful industrial brushes to scrape the walls and floor of your air ducts and then suck all of the loosened pollutants into specially designed and sealed canisters for safe and fast disposal. Call us for free estimates or to schedule an air duct cleaning of your own and get back breathing clean, fresh indoor air again!

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